Friday, February 19, 2010

Our visit to the Gem Faire

We recently attended the Gem Faire in Santa Monica, CA. We purchased gemstones and silver and can’t wait to start making new designs.

Gem Faire has become a world renowned marketplace for the finest in gemstones, beads, jewelry making supplies and much more. Gem Faire has produced over 40 shows a year, making it the largest gem & jewelry show circuit on the west coast. We know not everyone is able to make the shows but if you can, it’s a great place to purchase materials.

One advantage of going to a show is that you can see the beads and touch them. We tend to be perfectionist and we will go through every stand of beads to find the perfect one. Keeping in mind that no two gemstones are exactly alike and each has its own unique combination of pattern and color that can vary. With the large variety of gemstones we make a list and try to stick by it. Of course there is always a new gemstone that we can’t pass up and there goes our budget. You know how that goes…

Whether you are a collector or a designer you will always need a source for materials. We would like to know how you like to purchase your materials and what you look for when purchasing them.


  1. Interesting informative post. I also like the photo of the beautiful beads. Thanx!